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Friday, August 21, 2015

Rebuilding an old shed

When we bought this old farm from year 1827 we knew there will be lots of rebuilding. Last year we changed the roof on the house and this year we are focusing more on the out buildings. The shed which was closest to the road was in a very poor rotten stage so that is where we started.
First was to take off all the old rotten planks and to strengthen the structure. After that screwing on new planks.
Before painting it I first applied a good coat of oil.
 I have build 2 new doors which surprisingly fit well since Im not a skilled carpenter :)
Now its only left to place the rain gutters and paint the concrete base with black paint. Off to a new project ... 

Wood Chip Garden in full growth

 Our wood chip garden is flourishing big time :) Here you can see Beets, Chard, Lettuce and some Spinach going into seeds for the next year sowings.
 In the next photo one can see newly sown beets (second sowing) and sweet corn,
 Cucumbers are growing very well. The first 2 sowings were eaten by the slugs but after I applied the Iron Phosphate pellets (which are used in organic farming) the slug issue disappeared and now they are doing very well.
 Kale is doing great this year thanks to the insect net and the iron phosphate pellets. 
 Panoramic shot of our approx 400 square meter wood chip garden. Can you see any weeds? Exactly my point ;)
Leek is also growing well, still small but its getting there.
Beets and Carrots; fresh and organic and as local as it can get :)
Garlic is harvested and so are the onions :) 
We have planted many flowering plants for the bees this year all from Sunflowers, Phacelia, Borage, Calendula, Tagetes, White Clover and we have also left a huge part to grow wild.