Chop Wood Carry Water Plant Seeds is a blog about Self-Sufficient Homesteading. How can we live by creating a sustainable bio-diverse world, instead of by consuming and destroying the only one we have? What kind of teaching have you got if you exclude nature?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top Bar Hive almost there

Tha hive is getting there nicely :) We did the top bars, legs and roof box today.
Jan is well secured against splinters and noise which might come from this hand saw. You never know ;)

Friday, March 30, 2012


The being in flesh & blood
Bathing in the rays of sunlight
Bird's song echoing in the mind
Eyes meeting that whats born
Feet dancing just above the ground
Words fail to describe that which is now

Granny Astrid and Goodbye Alcazar

Today was the day to say goodbye to Alkazar. We are done with the job in this forest.
Granny Astrid is the owner of the forest we worked in all week. She get free help and we get a place to practice. Happy days.
mmmm :) a cake Nina and Louise made a great cake and Maria's cherry marmelade was delicious. Thank you girls :)
Alkazar and Stefan in action VIDEO
Cecillia teaching Simon and Daniel how to make wool
Astrid showing us around her farm where she lived all her life.
What is Jennie looking at? hm? ;)
Goodbye Alcazar and thank you for being with us. You sure did leave a pleasant mark in my life and a blue ars in Emillia's life (oops)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forest week

This day could have been much better if we didnt use the chain saw which is destroying the idyllic forest atmosphere with its mind wrecking screeming noise and terible petrol smell. Such an unsustainable invention.
But the company of people, dogs and a handsome horse was a great crack :)
Cutting timber with an ax and a hand saw is so much more fun, it is very quiet, doesnt smell, doesnt need fosile oils,  needs no expensive security equipment etc ... One can feel the tree better when cutting with an ax. Did I say enough times that I dislike chain saw?
"Is Cecillia dead?" - Alkazar wonders
Bailey cutting down a big tree. Good boy!
Good girl Hera
I dont know her ...
Good boy Alkazar good boy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In and Out of the Window

Staring eye
Looking at
The passing blink
Born into
A new sight

From within
The border line
Growing slightly
Into a cascade
Of shiney rays

Who is looking
From without
Into the eye
Is it the sun
Or the bright moon?

In and Out
Of the window
Looking continues
Arising and passing
Yet nobody is home

One Magical Day in the Forest

What a fascinating animal horse is :) WOW Great day, what a fantastic experience! I smell of horse as I write this even though I washed myself, but that matters very little because I the smile on my face is shining wide and bright thanks to Alkazar the Horse :) Thank you Akazar for working with us today in the forest :)

Alkazar and Jan VIDEO

Alkazar and I
Cecillia showing how to fix the horse gear
Stefan working hard ;)
Alkazar and I kicking ars ;)
Jan och Alkazar
Frida, Cecillia and Jan securing the timber
Alkazar steaming
Alkazar the handsome horse
Well deserved lunch. The dogs are enjoying themselves here in the forest
Alkazar and I 
Cecillia and Jan cleaning up Alkazar before going into the forest
Maria in control
The so called Nr 8 chain securing the first layer of the timber
Frida in control
Cecillia and Alkazar in action