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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forest week

This day could have been much better if we didnt use the chain saw which is destroying the idyllic forest atmosphere with its mind wrecking screeming noise and terible petrol smell. Such an unsustainable invention.
But the company of people, dogs and a handsome horse was a great crack :)
Cutting timber with an ax and a hand saw is so much more fun, it is very quiet, doesnt smell, doesnt need fosile oils,  needs no expensive security equipment etc ... One can feel the tree better when cutting with an ax. Did I say enough times that I dislike chain saw?
"Is Cecillia dead?" - Alkazar wonders
Bailey cutting down a big tree. Good boy!
Good girl Hera
I dont know her ...
Good boy Alkazar good boy

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  1. That's the way to do it (bow saw). I've got one too! I'm like you Brother, just jumping through the hoops with my tree felling course that is based on a chainsaw.