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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Magical Day in the Forest

What a fascinating animal horse is :) WOW Great day, what a fantastic experience! I smell of horse as I write this even though I washed myself, but that matters very little because I the smile on my face is shining wide and bright thanks to Alkazar the Horse :) Thank you Akazar for working with us today in the forest :)

Alkazar and Jan VIDEO

Alkazar and I
Cecillia showing how to fix the horse gear
Stefan working hard ;)
Alkazar and I kicking ars ;)
Jan och Alkazar
Frida, Cecillia and Jan securing the timber
Alkazar steaming
Alkazar the handsome horse
Well deserved lunch. The dogs are enjoying themselves here in the forest
Alkazar and I 
Cecillia and Jan cleaning up Alkazar before going into the forest
Maria in control
The so called Nr 8 chain securing the first layer of the timber
Frida in control
Cecillia and Alkazar in action

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