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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sprouting Seeds

Today was a very interesting day at Kretsloppshuset and man its just getting better :)
We had a new teacher today. Her name is Ninni and she is fantastic! Much will we learn from her, like; how to do pickles, jams, chutney, cordials, making our own paint, gardening, composting, mushrooms, reparations, herbs and much more :)
In the pic bellow she was teaching us today how to do seed sprouts.
I decided to try sprouting green lentils
As well as sunflower seeds and radishes
Jon admiring our green house plantlets
We made a few pots of sour cabbage
... a very dynamic classroom ;)
Nina and Jennie planting
nature around here is ... well ...

Green house vegetables are germinating like crazy. Today was a very hot day, I was sweathing in the green house.
We took a break beside the local lake which is covered in tick ice. Bellow three posers Emilia, Juliana and Jennie
The whole gang ... well a few are missing actually ...

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