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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pruning Apple Trees at Fridas parents farm

This was a lovely sunny day, lovely company and lovely food. It just felt great to prune apple trees all day long. This is life :)
Bailey and I
Frida, Me, Bailey, Sofia and Josefine
Frida's parents lovely home ...
Sofia and I practicing acroabatics lol
fikas paus ...
another fika
Nina snip snip
Birch sap mmmm tastes nice and refreshing :)
The apple tree before and after done by Emilia and me
Bailey and I
Maestro Josefine
Bella and Juley
Happy Jennie
Maestro Frida
Lovely lunch
Josefine cleaning up the mess
Whats Nina doing?
A bit more acrobatics by Sofia and I
Bailey had a great day surounded by two girls

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