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Friday, November 16, 2012

Home made soap

I totally forgot to blog about me making a batch of home made soap.

-Oils used are organic:
Rapeseed oil
Olive oil
Coconut fat
- at the end I mixed in crushed dry Peppermin leaves (which do colour up the soap)
- The real caustic soda is made of Natriumhydroxide. Do not buy products which have other stuff mixed in.

First I warmed up the oils and coconut fat until totaly desolved. I warm up to 60'C.
Then I do the lye by mixing the caustic soda with water (dangerous, wear mask, gloves and goggles). Never pour water into soda but soda into water and do it slowly. Mixing it with a spoon.
The lye gets very hot. I wait until boath lye and the oil cool down to 40'C and pour the lye into the oil mixture slowly while mixing it.

Then I mix the whole thing until the liquid turns into a slught puding consistence. Then pour the whole think into a plastic container and wait for a few days until hard enough to be cut into pieces (make sure to wear gloves).
The soap must cure for 4-6 weeks before safe to use on skin.
There are numerous recipes on the net.

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