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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walking through the garden

Today was a perfect day for weeding. Not that hot, so I removed as much weed as I could see.
 Purple Peas are growing tall so I made this support to allow them to climb
 Beetroots are growing strong
 Carrots are getting there slowly but surely 
 Im already using the Onions as sallad
Parsnip is slowly developing 
 Potatoes are huge. I'm sure they will be ready soon
 Purple Kale and Broccoli are slow growers. After 
weeding I decided to cover the soil with hay around them
 Norli Peas are blooming :)
 Swede looks very lush indeed (Light green leaves). 
To the left is Turnip with darker leaves
 Faba Beans are blooming but they look short
 A few red Strawberries :)
 I'm already using Chard leaves for salad 
and cooking for some time now
 Left Calendula, center Spinach which didn't do so well
and Lettuce to the right.
Squash is blooming big time and a few fruits have started to form. Soon
to be on the main menu :)


  1. You must have learned a lot when you study at Kretsloppshuset in Sunne. I think you are doing very well for a newbe, realy well or maybe you have a talent you didnt know before. :-)

    1. Thank you Patrick you are too kind :)
      I did learn a lot at Kretsloppshuset last year indeed :)It was a very important jump board for me. But I also feel that we humans have it within our true nature to grow food in a self sufficient way. We just have to awaken it :)