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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Danish Landrace Hens joined our Homestead

What a great day! First of all it is the day my wife and I got married, nine years ago in Ireland. Happy anniversary my love!
Second thing is we bought 9 gorgeous Danish Landrace Hens, 1 Cock and 8 ladies :) (6 brown hens, 2 black hens and 1 black cock).
They are 13-18 month old and seem very comfortable and safe in their new place :) As soon we released them into the coop Mr. Cock started to cock-a-doodle-doo claiming his little harem. I will keep them inside the coop for 2 days before releasing them outside into the fenced chicken yard so they learn where their food and sleeping quarter is.
Dansih Landrace Hens (Dansk Landhøne)
My plan is to breed this sort and sell it. They are a very hardy specie, they dont eat much and are disease resistant. Im very happy to have them on our farm :)


  1. Looks really nice. I'm looking forward to hear about then you get the Danish dwarf pig you told me about.

    1. To be honest the pigs are not in our plans for now. We are planning to get 2 or 3 Sheep soon. We might get some ducks but that might be all for this year.