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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Willow Farm November update

When we moved into our new house it had an oil heating system. We didn't like that because oil is unsustainable and is very expensive. So we decided to invest our money (the little we have) into a brand new computerized wood-pellets heating system and we are happy with the result. It was a HUGE job to disconnect and take out the old oil heating system.
Tank filled with wood pellets smells so much better than the old oil tank. The pellets smell of Pine forest. 
Another thing we did is make some pickled Pumpkins for the winter :)
 And we are about to get 5  Norwegian Spelsau sheep this Saturday :) I went today to check them out and place a deposit on them. They look great. They are very agile, alert, no limping, calm and they have a good appetite. 
We got them very cheap because their owner got operated and cant look after them anymore. They are 3 years old. They are not mated and its late in the season for it so we will just keep them as grazers until next autumn. Then they will be mated to get some lamb the year after. Our newly sown grass is growing large and its very important to get some animals on it to keep it low otherwise taller grasses will outcompete the lower ones. At the moment they have lots of tick and long wool and I will first cut their wool in spring. Soon to start building an electric fence. I think 1 Hectare will be enough to give them a healthy home.


  1. Fantastisk! Tillykke med pillefyret - brugte I vores kontakt?
    hils - og god jul!

    1. Tak! Yes I did talk to your contact but he wanted more money than the people who sold the Pilefyr to us. I was lucky to have a friend who did it for free :)