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Friday, February 13, 2015

Preparing the farm for incoming season

We had another mild winter. Last year was the same, only January was cold. Its time to prune the apple trees use the cut off branches as wood chips for our garden.
 I have begun to weed the raised beds. I used only well composted horse manure but was surprised last year with how many weeds started to grow in it. As soon I finish one bed the chicks sweep through it collecting all the exposed weed seeds. Thanks for the help ladies :)
Once the weeds are out I will cover these beds with aged wood chips which will help to suppress the weeds and will help to contain the moisture in hot weather.  


  1. Looking at the trees its incredible to think come summer they will be blooming with leaves and bearing new fruits.

  2. Uh, det kribler også i fingrene på mig for at komme ud! Vejret er virkelig mildt og skønt i dag. Jeg er spændt på om jordskokkerne fra sidste år er overlevet!
    Hvor var det nu, at I købte de danske landracehøns? Jeg må altså have nogen!

    1. I have sown radishes, mizuna and spinach in my greenhouse today :) last year I did the same and had salat end of April :) I bought the hens from a guy in Køge but he only had 6. Try Facebook page about Landhøns. I think you are better of to keep to the Swedish race.

  3. Ja det prøver jeg. Jeg synes at de skånske er for små og lægger for små æg. Jeg har tidligere haft dansk landrace og de er mere hårdføre...