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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Constructive Beekeeping by Ed Clark - Condensation and Humidity in a Beehive

"Bees in selecting a home for themselves in a tree, consider
two things upon which their future welfare depends, and in doing
this we can believe that their instinct led them right. First, a
small entrance so that they could easily protect themselves from,
their enemies. Second, a cavity in the tree of sufficient capacity
to carry on the work of the hive, and small enough to keep themselves and their brood from being harmed by outside weather
conditions. Never do we find them, in the selection of a home,
paying the least attention to ventilation. Natural ventilation
is a thing that the bees ignore. Every beekeeper has visible
evidence of this truth in his aipary and it cannot be made more
clear by further discussion."

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