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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Plant Seeds at Last!

It has begun! The time to start planting the seeds of life :) So tiny the seed is yet such lush life comes out of it!
Black Cherry Tomato seeds
I have placed the seeds of Siberian Peashrub and Black Locust into a glass of warm water. They are to stay in there for 24 hours before planting them in the cold greenhouse. I will grow Siberian Peashrub for its edible lentals-like peas and for its flowers which give lots of nectar and pollen to the bees as is the Black Locust.
 I planted 2 sorts of tomatoes; Money Maker and Black Cherry. I have placed them into my empty aquarium which is placed on the south facing window seal. 
Both Allium ursinum (a perenial garlic) and Lavender need to be placed on top of the potting soil and then covered with 0,5mm of sand, sprayed with water and then sealed in a see-through bag with some wholes for air circulation.

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