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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pruning Apple Trees

Its time to prune the apple trees. Some people prune them in autumn yet I have learned from an experienced apple pruner Stig from Varmland that the best time to prune apples is February-March. He sais that the pruned trees have most energy to heal the cuts. It makes sense.

The basic rule is; cut all the branches growing upwards, those crossing other branches and growing those inwards. Remove all branches which are damaged or dead. Dont over do it! Rather prune two times a year than too much at once.

My apple trees are all old. All of them are sick trees and Im not sure how long they will live. Im not sure anyone pruned them in at least 10 years or longer. So this pruning might only help these trees.

NOTE!!! Make sure to research how to prune trees before doing it yourself because if you do it wrong you will cause your tree to rot!

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