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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Farm stories

We are planning to buy 4 Lamb this September which we intend to keep (not slaughter). 1 male and 3 females of course. Since the part of our land planned for keeping sheep is still under Wheat we need to wait until next year for the grass to grow there. So until then I was thinking to keep them in the forest garden which is totally covered in Thistles. Those thistles are welcome because they offer nectar and pollen to our bees but they have stopped blooming and now its time to cut down the tall grass and let new grass re-grow for the Lamb to feed on.
Nothing nicer than cutting grass manually 
Working with a dull scythe is worse than hell so I sharpen it every 10 minutes 
 The Danish Leghorn Hens are doing great. Not many eggs but 2 broody hens. One of the broody stopped laying on her eggs a few days before hatching because one egg broke making all the other eggs dirty. Sad really but I hope the second broody delivers a few new chicks :)
Hamburger Hens are very good indeed in laying eggs. Out of 2 hens we get 2 eggs almost every day!


  1. Landracehønsene er VIRKELIG flotte! Vi er så klar til at aftage nogle æg eller kyllinger næste år...