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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Juicing Apples, Cherries and Red Currant from our own garden

Early apples have started falling on the ground which motivated us to start collecting them to make some juice;
After washing the apples we crushed them ...
then pressed them ...
apple juice mmmm :)
finished product
Lynton collecting fresh cherries ...
thanks to our honeybees the cherry tree harvest is huge
Kristine and Jelena harvesting Red Currants ...
We placed freezer bags into empty milk boxes and after a day the bags can be taken out and stacked like bricks in the freezer. This way they take up less space in the freezer.


  1. Smart med mælkekartonerne! Det skal jeg huske. Hvad er det I har frosset?
    Og synes jeg kan kende gryden?? ;-)
    Vi må have fat i sådan en æblepresse, hvor har I købt den?

    1. It's cherry saft. That is a honey press :) but can be used for Apple pressing too. We got it from my wife's father. I think he bought it in Hungary

  2. OK. Jeg har lige købt én i Netto i dag... Ikke helt så fancy, men jeg glæder mig til at afprøve den...