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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Covering the soil with wood chips

I have started recently to cover our new kitchen garden with wood chips and today I have finished the job. The garden is about 400 square meters and will suffice for now.
It is very important to apply at least 10 cm layer of wood chips (15 cm is perfect) to keep the weeds at bay. I applied a bit thinner layer on a few spots and the weeds started growing so I applied some more cover material to suppress them.
I planted 10 american Blueberry bushes in our forest garden (3 different sorts for cross-pollination). I first dug 60x60cm holes, placed Rhododendron soil in and mixed it with some clay soil (but not much) 
 Once the Blueberries were planted I watered them good. Will have to water a few more times this week.
And at the end I mulched the bushes with wood chips to suppress weeds and to conserve moisture.
Lets see how they do next year :)

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