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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Housewarming party and Farm-naming ceremony at The Willow Farm

We moved to this new farm of ours in December last year and were renovating it most of the time. It was about time to invite our friends for the housewarming party :)
Good company and good food and drinks
Farm-naming ceremony "The Willow Farm" (Piletoften in Danish)
"From this day on this farm is to be known as The Willow Farm" were my words before screwing the name sign onto the wall of our new home. Its interesting to say that I was born on a 19th and the house number is 19 too.
The morning after the party ended with a relaxed breakfast with our friends. I am happy all these fine people came to share this moment with us but Im especially happy to see my very good friend Shreyans which comes from India (the guy in the glasses to the right) :) Thank you all and I hope to see you again some time soon :)

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