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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Electric sheep fence and new Plum trees

It took me 2 days to fence 1/2 Hectare of grass land for the sheep we bought recently. I wish I had some help but I managed alone.

The sheep are now officially free range :) They seem very calm and happy with their new home. They started grazing as soon as they touched the grass :)
 We bought 10 various Plum trees. We got them very cheap :)
They will be planted inside our forest garden 7 meters apart from each other. So happy we could afford this. For me it is very important we start planting fruit trees now because it takes 4-5 years before they will bear fruit. Next year I plan to plant 10 more fruit trees very likely Pears and something else depending what we can get. I will protect these Plum trees from Deer with a wire netting and will mulch them well so their roots have enough moisture next summer. 


  1. Du skulle da have ringet, Michael kunne da have hjulpet med hegnet! :-) (siger jeg på hans vegne! ;-)

    1. Thanks for offering help :) maybe I will ask him next time I do it on the south side of the forest

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