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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kretsloppshuset - Sunne

The photo above shows the school for Self-sufficinet Homesteading in Sunne Sweden where I will be studying with 15 more students from February to October 2012. Eight months of intensive course in self-sufficient living. We will learn everything from cutting down timber, carpenting, composting, collecting mushrooms, nuts and wild fruits, gardening, animal keeping as well as butchering the animals, smoking meet, preparing jams and other pickles for the winter, making our own paint for the household, economy, I will try and learn much about beekeeping as well and we will have time to do some private project too and I intend to build a Walipini underground green house.

The schools name is Kretsloppshuset which can be translated as;

Kretslopp = Cycle, Rotation, Circulation, Orbit, Round
Huset = The House

which mans The House which Cycles or The Re-Cycling House (the Eco-friendly House, the house which follows the natural cycles :) )
This is the only school in Sweden (for now) teaching Self-sufficinet Homesteading.

I was really happy to see this toilet which sorts out piss from crap which can later be used to fertilize the garden soil :))) NOTE the basket beside the toilet seat; the toilet paper is not being flushed down but separated. Im not sure what they do with it but as soon as I figure it out I will make sure to update this post.

All together there will be 16 students and I met most of them during this weekend get together meeting which was mostly about us finding apartmets to live in but also to get some more info about what this study is all about and to get to know one another before the actual start. I am very happy with all the people I met. All seem to very positive and goodhearted people :)))

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