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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The School for Self-sufficient Householding Sunne

This is the first post in this new blog of mine :)
I am to start the studies for Self-sufficinet Householding in Sunne, Sweden and am looking forward to it.

The course starts February 27th and will finish in October, so 8 month of schooling will be lots of fun.
The school is located in the part of Sweden called Värmland and is somewhere between Oslo (Norway) and Stockholm. I was up there only once, visiting a good friend which bought a house close to Årjäng. Very beautiful nature. Apparently they have many wolves up there (brrrr).

I will be living up there with my dog Bailey, which is an Italian Water Dog aka Lagotto Romagnolo.

My dear wife and I are planning to buy a small farm in about a year or so and this was the main reason for me deciding to take these studies. Being a city boy I dont know much about farming, but that will change soon.
This school will give me insight into how things work on a farm. This school is focused on permaculture and self-sufficint organic farming.

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