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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Urban-Rural Migration

The movement or migration of people from urban to rural areas causes a disequilibrium in the population dynamic. With a greater percentage of labor force moving away from urban metropolises to rural areas following a desire for a better life, there is great pressure on the infrastructure of the urban economy. People have many reasons for choosing to migrate from cities or towns to farmlands or rural areas and at times give up successful careers and busy lifestyles to do so.
  1. Hectic Urban Life

    • Sometimes people choose to relocate from urban places to rural landscapes to escape hectic and stressful lifestyles. This is a calculated move on the part of couples or families who wish to bring up their children on large farm tracts or large houses close to nature where environment is healthy and the pace of life is easy and stress-free. This type of migration may be permanent or temporary, where the family intends to move back after a few years.


    • People may also choose to migrate from urban to rural areas because the ancestral or family lands are in those areas and the upkeep or maintenance of those lands, which may be farms or have running livestock businesses, becomes difficult to navigate from farther away. This type of relocation may also be undertaken when your family or parents live on rural lands, and you want to move closer to them.

    Cost-Effective Living and Working

    • People may turn to smaller towns or farm communities to start a new business or to settle away from the high cost of living in urban areas. The move may be the result of the desire to live a simpler, more economical life, return to nature or escape the rising costs and competitive lifestyle of cities.

    Retired Living

    • Migration also happens when senior citizens retire and seek a place to live that suits their budget and lifestyle. Rural areas are generally smaller, closer, more intimate communities where people feel safer. Older people may migrate to rural areas to benefit from the small-town environment that is considered safe and where everyone knows everyone else. This type of living is ideal for people who desire only to rest and have a slow-paced social life.

      - article from eHow

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