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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling Pots

Spring is closing in and time for planting seeds is near. For that we need some kind of small pots. I got the idea to use toilet paper rolls from this blog. I modified it a bit.

1. we need scissors, toilet paper tube (as many tubes as you collected or need) and a spice jar which fits into the tube.

As you can see in the photo bellow I do not cut streight vertical strips rather they are angeled to one side and I do this so they are approximately the same size (long 2cm and wide 1cm)

Once all the stripes are cut start bending one of them like shown in the picture

I bend them clockwise and the next to left will be bent on top of the first one. 

Carry on bending them until you come to the last one which has to be slided underneath the second strip we bended. It goes on top of the strip we bended first and under the one we bended second. It will be obvious once you do it :)

And this is how it looks when done

Now it is time to flatten the bent bottom in accordance to takes a solid shape so the soil cant drop out of it.
I do this with a spice jar which fits exactly itno the toilet papper tube :)

Once the jar is in the tube press the jar against the table and rotate the whole thing left and right a few times.
Thats all to it :)))

Now it is time to fill the toilet paper tube seedling pots with soil and start planting.
The toilet tubes are biodegradable and can be planted into the garden together with the plant which is possitive since some plants like tomatoes dont like messing with their newly developed roots. When the time comes to plant the plants in the main garden make sure to open the bottom of the pot so plant roots can easily grow out of it. 

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