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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Summer House Garden 2011

This is where it all started :) The idea about Self-sufficiency :) in our summer-house garden last year. That was the first time my wife and I decided to garden yet we had this summer house since 2007. I bought a book called "The New Self-Sufficient Gardener" by John Seymour. He wrote about the Deep Bed gardening so I went for it. One must start someplace so why not "deep" ;) 
Underneath is the photo journal showing how all this beginner gardening developed;

Testing the seeds for germination
I decided to cover the onions, carrots and radhishes
Got some very good compost soil for the Beetroots
The summer kicked in and all flourished

Not too bad for the first timer ;) And this made me decide to change my entire life style and be a self-sufficient householder :)

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