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Monday, February 13, 2012

Homemade Bread

My wife and I used to bake homemade bread a few years ago but for some reason we stopped with it. Now I decided to resume this lovely work and here is what happened yesterday :)
1 liter of luke warm water
50g of Yeast desolve into the water
4 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoon of sugar (or honey)
400g Graham's Flour (wholegrain flour)
400g Rye Flour
200g Wheat Flour
50g of Linseeds
50g of Sunflower Seeds
Mix it all good!

add 1 liter of luke warm water (hot water will kill the yeast and cold cant desolve it fast)
 Break the Yeast into small pieces to desolve faster. Add sugar and salt at this stage
mix well unitl the yeast is totaly desolved
add all the ingredients and mix well
Butter up the sides of the baking trays
Fill the trays with the dough and glaze the surface with a bit of milk or water
Set the temperature of the oven at 225'C for 50 minutes
The dough goes immediately into the cold oven. No need to wait for it to raise beforehand.
Set the temperature of the oven at 225'C for 50 minutes
I use the oven fan
After 50 minutes the bread is ready
Take it out of the trays and place the bread on top of the trays so it gets enough air underneath to cool down and not get wet from condensation
Once cooled down cut a few slices and enjoy it :)

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  1. I will start adding a few (2-3) tea spoons of dried Rosemary into the dough for flavour.