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Sunday, April 8, 2012

SawWood on SawHorse

My plan was to saw some old branches I collected with Kristine last year but had no sawhorse to do it on. I found some timber around the summer house and build one solid sawhorse. Sawing was easy ... but ...
... there was no problems sawing long pieces of timber but as soon it gets shorter I had nowhere to place the   other end of the wood, so I nailed two boards in V-form to hold in place short pieces while sawing them.
It works like a charm :)
Im very happy with my new Saw Horse
Bailey sawing wood ;)
aaaaaa who can open the mouth more aaaa
Spring kicking in
Panoramic view of the stuga
Matte och Baileybuss
Matte och Bailey
mmm food :)

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