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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hollow Log as a Gift from Övre Mon

Today was a very fortunate day for me :) Rune had a hollow Alder log which he had for more than 10 years planning to make a bass-drum from it. Year after year he planned to make it but it never happened ... because this log didnt want to become a drum but a natural Bee Hive :) It is so amazing how things pop up into ones life at exact time one actually thinks about it :) Thank you Rune for giving me this fantastic gift :) I will call this Log Hive "Övre Mon" (Rune's farm's name)
It is approx 70cm tall
the inside diameter is approx 25cm. The volume of this log is approx 137 litres.
tickest part of the wall is 90mm
the thinest part of the wall is 35mm
Im now thinking about how to make a roof, floor, spales to support the comb and a way to open this log hive ...
This log will house the first swarm I catch next year :) interesting times

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