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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome to Rune & Lena's Övre Mon

Rune and Lena's farm is called "Övre Mon". The garden is surrounded by a very simple but beautiful fence made of tree branches. I think I will do this in my garden. 
"Övre Mon" farm
I like the way this mini-greenhouse is made on the side of this building ... thinking to do the same in my summer house :)
Rune's work shop. This is where he builds african drums
the toilet ;)
Rune's african drums
This was a very pleasant day. I have learned from Lena about the importance of having company while self-sufficient (its not all about carrots and onions she said) and that we all have an Inner Gift we are to share with our Community, its just to finding it :)
Rune thought me about how drums can be magical and healing :)

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