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Friday, January 4, 2013

Composting Toilet

Composting toilet is also known as the Dry Toilet where poop is separated from the piss. Dry toilet doesnt smell bad which is not the case in wet toilets which stink! Since our toilet was wet and it always stinks bad I decided to do something about it especially because our composting toilet is indoors.
This toilet is designed so it separates the poop from the piss but it is not effective because poop and piss get easily mixed and this mixture is very smelly
so I added a plastic bucket in the middle for the poop which is covered with wood shavings
Once you put down the seat its easy to see where goes what ;)
I think both men and women can easily separate the piss from the poop in this composting toilet of mine
 I aslo placed another bucket on the outside of the wall where the piss is being drained into. I drilled a few small holes in the lock to help evaporation
 to minimise the smell and to contain all of the nutrients from the piss I filled the piss bucket with BBQ coal (I need to fill some more coal this is too little)

With this method both piss and poop get composted without poluting the nature :)

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