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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making a new Shovel Handle

I dont understand why all shovels in swedish shops come with extremlly short handles. I decided to make a handle which suit my height.
So I cut down an ash tree with a suitable tickness and lenght. Replacing didnt take that much time. I will try the shovel once the ice has melted.
 here you can see how short the original handle is. It might suit short people but it sure aint ergonomic for the tall ones (Im 1.80 metres)
The new handle is not as streight but that doesnt matter. The important thing is that now I dont have to work with a bent back :)


  1. And if you coppice that ash, you'll have an endless supply of handles, stakes, kindling, ramial woodchips. Well done.

    1. Hi Mike! You are right but in this case i must get rid of the wild shrubbery growing into my orchard