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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where is the Organic Meat Gone?

I went to my local store to buy some organic meaty products and to my surprize they had nothing to offer!!! I was shocked! So I asked the manager how come the biggest chain in all of Sweden doesnt have Organic meat products. She answered that they cant have products sitting on their shelves for ages since no one is buying it! WOW!!!
This was right in the face! I dont blame them. They are running a business and they stock only that which sells well which is not the case with organic meat.
So its up to us consumers then! I was looking for a while at the customers around me ... one woman took 2 packs of non-organic milk which cost 12 krowns yet the organic milk cost only 14 krowns (10 krowns is roughly 1 Euro). Such a tiny difference and she decided not to support Organic farming!!! Im done!

I cant wait for us to buy a farm this year in Denmark :D to start organic farming!

Ica Maxi's meat section without even one single Organic meat product;
Do we as customers care what we eat and how our farm animals are being treated?

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