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Saturday, September 28, 2013

How are the Chicks doing?

Im glad you are asking :) they are doing fine I must say. Theytransformed from "nipping at each other" psychopaths to very gentle hens which are now grooming one another and walking freely around our neighbourhood. Our neighbours don't mind them actually they think its cute to see them around their houses. They truly are free-range hens now.
Lets see how they looked when I first got them from the egg farmer;
Damaged feathers and skin, and biting one another constantly
Now they look like this;
Foraging freely around the entire neighbourhood like a natural flock
Lets not forget that 60% of all eggs produced in the world come from caged hens;
Poor caged creatures. Why are humans so heartless?
We must stop this madness!
Next time you buy eggs make sure to look if they are from caged hens or free-range organic hens. You can make the difference right there in the shop. What do you support?

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