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Monday, September 9, 2013

Strange bug in the Carrots

I have never seen this beautifully colored insect before. Google search told me it is called Striped Shield Bug.
Striped Shield Bug on Carrot seeds
Carrots are starting to be big and soon to be harvested. Im not sure how to harvest them ... apparently one needs sand to do it properly ... must research a bit more.
They taste lovely. We mostly use them in juices.


  1. You can store them in a box with newspaper between every layer of carrots. Start with a layer of newspaper in the bottom and make the last layer a newspaper as well. Plastic made for food is a good material in this case but I think a woodbox will fix it as well. Of course there should be a lid on the box. I have four very small hole in the corner of my lids. They are made for meat from the beginning and I store all my roots in them except root-celery which is a hard one to store. For them its sand.

    You have to put the box in a colder area just over 0°. I have a walk in spence there its just over 0° all winter. If you dont have this area you can think of digging a "stuka" (swedish word) or make an isolated box to store outside. Another solution is to dig a hole and put a concrete ring in it and put an isolated lid over it.

    I´ve done the paper/box solution for at least 5 years now and its realy good. I have nice carrots until may.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Will defenetly do that. How do you store Majrova and Kålrot?