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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Year's last Squash and Pumpkins

Thats it folks! The Jötnar (frost giants) of the Norse mythology are approaching our shores bringing in frost with them. Its time to harvest the last bits of Squash and Pumpkin before they arrive and ruin them.
The Squash was very productive the whole season and we ate a lot of it and we gave a lot to our good neighbours. The Spaghetti Pumpkin was less productive. The above is about it. I gave 2 to my neighbour. As you can see in the photo the pumpkins aren't that big at all. I think they would give more fruits if we harvested the first fruits early. I've heard that for each early harvested pumpkin and squash two new flowers form. Lesson learned for the next year.
I will make sure to take seeds from both for next year. I'm trying to create my own seed bank and will do so every year.

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