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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Muscovy Ducks and only one chick hatched

The handsome Muscovy male got 3 gorgeous females yesterday :) They
seem to like each other and their new home :)
I have made a big mistake; Instead of removing the first few eggs under the laying hen and then later giving them all the eggs at once I've let her start laying on just one egg at first and then more later on, which led to only one chicken hatching today and she stopped laying on the rest of the eggs :( I quickly moved the eggs into an empty aquarium and placed a light bulb in it with a small bucket of water for moisture. The temperature is at 33'C and it should be 37'C. I tried to raise it but the temp went up to 40'C for a short period. Im not sure this will work but I will give it a go for 5 days. If nothing happens I will throw away the eggs :( 

1 comment:

  1. Hvordan gik det med æggene?
    Jeg samler normalt æg ind i en dags tid eller to, når jeg ser en af hønerne er blevet skruk. Så lægger jeg 7-8 stykker ind under hende, på én gang, så alle æg er lige "nye". Så plejer det at lykkes :-)
    Tillykke med det nye tag! :-)