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Sunday, May 11, 2014

New roof, collecting water, ducks'n'tomatoes

After 5 days of hard work we managed to cover almost half of the house. The job was greater than we anticipated and I will need more help to be able to finish the other part of the house. I'm sure we will figure out something soon.
Image from the other side showing the new roof and the old one which needs to be changed.
My new friend Siri gave us a present today :)) a gorgeous looking male Muskovy Duck :) At the moment he is alone but we are looking on the net to find him 3-4 ladies ;) soon enough he will have his little harem.
I started collecting water just recently and the result is so satisfying :) so much rain water can be collected by simply placing barrels and buckets under the eves.
Tomato plants enjoying rain water
Our greenhouse tomatoes are getting larger and they have started to bloom
It is time to start nipping off the tomato off-shots
The kitchen garden is becoming greener with each passing day. Most of it are the weeds which came in through the horse manure. Must weed pronto! Onions, Potatoes, Sugar Peas, Lettuce and Radishes have sprouted into life. Will continue planting Beets and Chard as well as Beans soon. A few more empty raised beds waiting to be planted
The honeybees are buzzing loudly in our apple orchard :)

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  1. I love the new color of the roof! I think it looks very metallic and really new than the old one. I am hoping you’ll be able to finish that job soon. I’m sure you’re excited to have your entire home re-roofed. Nothing feels better than a home with a secure roof, right? :D

    Paul Lawson @ Shelton Roof