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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Willow Farm is alive

Out of 13 eggs only 2 have hatched. Im not happy with the result but I know better what to do next time. Never let the hen laying on only a few eggs instead take the under her and collect until  enough for her to care for in this case 12 eggs max. Then give the whole bunch and the chicks will hatch at the same time. In my case only one came out and the hen stopped laying on the eggs. I managed to hatch one in a home made incubator (my empty aquarium).
As of today the Muskovy Ducks are free going. The Hens are kept inside their spacious coop. The Cock saying hi to his new neighbors.
Guess which ones are Duck eggs ;)
Kristine weeding the garden with me on this lovely sunny day
Everything is growing :)

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