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Sunday, June 29, 2014

New farm member - Old Danish Leghorn Cockerel

I have 6 Old Danish Leghorn chicken but had no male for them. Now, thanks to facebook, I have found a lady who had one extra male, whom I've got for free :) I love local folk! The hens seem very calm around him and since he is 3 years old he sure knows how to give them space and make them feel secure around him. I was at first worried that he might attack the 2 young chicks since they are not his but he doesn't seem to have issues with them. I wish him all the best on our farm and may he have many offspring of this Old Dansih Leghorn race :) His previous owner told me that it takes 14 days for the hens to use up all the sperm from the previous Cock. So I will wait at least 15 days before starting to collect their eggs for the incubator.

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