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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Supporting local small-scale farmer

My wife and I decided to fill our freezer with beef. One local friend found us a small-scale farmer who keeps free-range cows so we made a deal and yesterday we got the meat :) The feeling of getting meat this way is profound! I felt glad and was filled with appreciation for that animal. I can only imagine that for example Native Americans would feel the same after killing the Buffalo and cutting it into pieces for the tribe to feed on.
Such meat has no E-numbers
When you buy food in a supermarket you dont get any feeling at all except the monetary perception of how much does it cost. One takes it, pays for it and goes home to eat it not knowing where it came from, how it was killed, what it was fed with, how it lived, how long it was transported ... We actually saw the fields with cows this one comes from and it was only 6 km away from our farm.
Supermarket meat packed, treated with E-numbers and color enhancers, transported
long distances, over priced, etc ... 

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