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Friday, June 13, 2014

Our new automatic Janoel 8-48 egg incubator

I have decided to buy an incubator and found one on ebay for a very good price. It can hold 48 eggs. At the moment Im testing the incubator to see if all works well and if it can hold steady temperature and humidity and it seems to be performing just fine :)
This incubator turns eggs every 2 hours automatically
it also has 4 small observation windows so there is less need to open the incubator for inspections
It is advised to use another thermometer to double check the incubators thermometer. As you can see the temperature matches on both thermometers :) Nice. The humidity is steady on 60% I will start with the eggs in about 2 days. So far I collected 11 eggs. I will try and buy some more eggs locally. I will get eggs from Sussex hens I think.

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