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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August update

The greenhouse has been a success so far when it comes to tomatoes and cucumbers. The paprika is not growing that well and the chilies are not giving much fruits. The "naked seed" pumpkin is also growing well but not many fruits on these huge plants. Anyway I will have enough seeds for the next season.
We have lots of grapes but they seem to be a bit sour. Im not sure they will have the chance to ripen totally because the weather has turned a bit cold and rainy :( Still we try to eat them and give some to the chicken (they love them)


  1. Vi har heller ikke fået så mange chilier i år... Men jeg tænker, at det er fordi jeg har været for sløset med vandingen her hen over den varme sommer....

    1. I was watering at least once a week with rain water but still it didn't help.