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Friday, August 8, 2014

Plum marmalade from our organic backyard

We have only one Plum tree in our Apple orchard and are planning to plant at least 10 more in our forest garden since I LOVE Plums :) Thanks to my Honeybees this plum tree is booming with fruits!
First things first; collecting plums ...
Washing and de-stoning ...
Glas jars washed and boiled = sterilized! 
We decided to follow a Danish recipe which includes 2kg of pectin sugar per 4,5kg of plums. The cooking time is 40 minutes. There are many recipes to find on the net; the best marmalade consistency can be achieved only if cooked for 4-5 hours on medium heat. Our marmalade is a bit on the fluid side.
Its important to pour the hot marmalade into hot glass jars and immediately lock them tight. The jar will cool down gradually and at some point it will vacuum lock the lid. Enjoy!

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  1. Amazing colour of the fruit and the finished product! I am jealous :-)