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Monday, August 11, 2014

This might be the last Butterfly in Denmark

This might be last Butterfly in Denmark! Maybe there will be no more Butterflies next year? I was talking to one person and she told me that she saw no more than 5 Butterflies this year! I too didn't see many varieties but some did find refuge in our pesticide free forest garden. According to Danish biologists there is less Butterflies with each passing year because mono-crop agriculture is expanding fast and more poisonous killing the bio-diverse wilderness! 

Governments seem to be ignoring this issue since I don't see any radical changes implemented! I also don't see Danish people protesting day in day out in front of the government to invoke change! They too seem ignorant!
Is this lack of compassion for other beings, hate towards nature? Maybe people dislike those darn buzzing creepy insects? Or do people actually find mono-crop agri fields beautiful? A very uniform fields maybe neat in their eyes and hearts? For pollinators they are no more than a desert leading towards their extinction. FULL STOP

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