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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bee Buzzing with Beekeeper Rolf

We had a magnificent day in Rolf's Apiary today :) WoW Honeybees all over the place, smell of fresh honey, pollen and propolis.
Everything always starts with the theory. Someone once said "Good theory is the best practice one can get", there is some truth in it.
Beekeeper Rolf covering everything from the larvae to the grown honeybee ...
Learning about how expensive beekeeping can bee if one follows Rolf's example ;) hahaha Im just saying that building a Top Bar Hive costs very little (400 swedsih crowns) and one doesnt have to buy any extra equipment AT ALL, now that is cheep ;) On how to build a Kenya Top Bar Hive visit 
a Queen cell
another Queen cell
At the end of the day it was all about scooping the honey dirrectly from a freshly made honey comb streight from the bee hive :)
mmmmmm .... :)
No worries, its just me with a Skep on my head ...

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