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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Building New Combs

The bees are building the combs slowly but surely. This is a cold week. Today is 17'C outside but at night time it doees go down to 3-5'C.
Here are a few shots illustrating the hive mood :)
The combs seem streight enough. On this photo one can see a slight tendency to build cross-comb. My wish is to keep hive maintanance as low as possible to preserve the hive atmosphere and correcting the cross comb building simply has to be as it is. In the case there is an absolute need to get into the brood nest I will simply cut through the cross-comb and let the Bees fix the damage caused by this manipulation. I have a feeling they will only slightly build cross-comb, but time will tell.

The last two white combs are the newly build ones. They aslo build two combs at the front.

Note the second Bee returning with pollen on her legs :) They feed the brood with it :) This is a very good sign, meaning this colony is thriving and that the Queen is doing her work.

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