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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen of the Sun

I opened the hive so to streighten a few combs. The bees started cross-comb building a bit so thought to fix this. The first comb was still small but i took it out making sure the Queen is not on it and cut the comb edges with a knife. Then i pushed the comb edges back in line with the top bar.
I took out the second comb and on my plesant surprise there She was ...ah what a beauty :) the most beautiful Queen iv ever seen (well, this is the first queen iv seen live). Since she was on the comb in question i decided to put the comb back in place gently and close the entire hive.
I have built this handy top bar holder.
this corner has a cross-combing tendency 
Beautiful natural comb
The Queen
Buckfast Bees
One can see clearly this comb not being build in the center of the top bar. 
Here is a video explaining how to correct cross-comb

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