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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mouldy Hive

The rain is defenetly leaking through into the hive. Top Bars keep on expanding and the mould is covering the top bars. The top side of the hind bars is wet. So i drilled two holes on oposite side of the roof for extra ventilation (this ventilation does not ventilate the inside of hive) to dry the dampness. I also covered the roof with plastic sheets. Lets see how this works. I hope the mould will disapear soon. The weather is rainy all the time so sunny day is what we need.
new plastic cover. the wooden thing under the hive is a DIY top bar holder.
drilled two holes on oposite sides for extra ventilation
Those white spots are not mould but wood glue which is used to fix the chop sticks to the bars. mould is covering the chop sticks and some bars to the left. The dark top bar to the left is the one which is very wet on touch from above.

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