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Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Solar Dehydrator

I can not imagine a self-sufficient household without a Solar Dehydrator to dry its own herbs, fruits and vegetables. And as it turns out it is not that difficult to make one especially if one has material laying around the garage as in my case :)
I have found an old cupboard, an old window, old door and some reused pallet wood
This is the solar heat generator, made as a box so air can circulate through it. The black background atracts the solar heat.
I've cut out a space in the cupboard where solar heat generator will be inserted.
I decided to make long legs so the dryer is on a convinient height. The heat generator is inserted into the dryer.
Tomorrow I will make a door and shelves. I will have to buy a plastic mosquito net for the shelves so hot air can pass through it.
Stay tuned ;)

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