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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lettuce and Lovage seeds planted indoors

I have planted Lettuce and Lovage (called Libbsticka in swedish) indoors today. Im precultivating them so I can use them in food preparation as soon as possible.
Lovage seeds. Lovage leaves are used as the main ingredience in soups.

I have discovered that the Tomato soil has gone dry! Not sure how that happened because I sprayed water on tjem every couple of days. It didnt dry totally but still Im a bit worried! I cant see any seeds germinating yet so hopefully this little dry spell didnt ruin them I soaked the soil very well today and even poured water in the aquarium so the soil can suck it in if needed. This should keep the soil moist longer.
The temperature in this tomato green house (aquarium) goes up to 28'C in the day time and down to 16'C at the night time. I do place a styrofoam sheet between the window and the aquarium during the night time and I open the top glass during the day to lower the temperature to about 22'C. 

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