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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bad day, good day, Spring day!

So far I have filled 7 raised beds with compost soil. Im half way there :) Its a slow process. It takes time to build raised beds but after they are ready there is no much to do but remove a few weeds which might appear every no w and then. It is VERY easy to remove weeds from such beds since weed roots do not cling to hard clay soil but very loose compost soil :) Adding every year 5cm thick compost layer is all there is needed to maintain it. You can see in the background that the green house is not finished. The reason is that I have no material to cover the walls......
My local recycling plant has no knowledge of Reuse but rather they are very good at Refuse :( I asked them nicely today if I can get these old windows for my greenhouse and they said NO! Its against their policy apparently :( They pay money for the container to be emptied yet, so it is in their interest to let me take these windows so they dont have to empty it that often. I even offered to pay them some small money to take the windows and they still replied NO! :( Such beautiful old windows will go to waste. It saddens me greatly indeed :( 
But not all seems gloomy :) I have got a new toy :)) a new trailer :)) Now I can get pallets and others stuff easily and transport whatever. It sure is a big help when living in the country side. I have got many pallets from my new friend Sophia today. Now I have enough pallet planks to make a few more bee hives :) for free :) Beekeeping doesnt have to be expensive!
This is the first Honeybee in 2014 that has appeared in front of my eye :) such a joy!
It seems that even Ladybirds have woken up :)


  1. The sight of those windows going to dump and you not being allowed to take them is crazy! We have similar "rules" here where you can take cardboard from someone before they leave it at the recycling centre but once the recycling centre have the cardboard, it cannot then be taken away again. The first thought in my head is to contact the people who put the windows there so you can collect from them directly..... look for adds for window replacement companies and try asking them if you can collect the old windows they are replacing. Do you have freecyle in Denmark? That would be a good place to ask.
    Best of luck, Kim

    1. I dont think we have free cycle here. Maybe in bigger cities like Copenhagen. Im looking at the adds but nothing free and I need to cover over 40 square meters greenhouse, lots of windows needed. I think i might simply buy a polytunnel plastic sheet.

  2. Åh ja, de er virkelig strikse i Hårlev. Vi plejer at tage et par øl med til dem, hvis vi skal omgåes dem lidt. Men det ér super ærgerligt.
    Prøv evt. at køre til Køge, ved Tangmosevej i stedet. Måske er de mere fleksible....
    Der findes jo altså også nogle sider på facebook - "Gives bort på Stevns/Køge" - der kan man vist også søge ting, som man mangler...
    Altså der er garanterede masser af vinduer rundt omkring. Jeg skal prøve at spørge mit netværk.
    Tillykke med den første honning bi, vi vil vildt gerne have en intro til det på et tidspunkt...

    1. Hi Maria, that would be great if you could ask around for windows :) i will ask on that face page now and see if anyone has windows. Thanks for the tip!

      Soon enough my friend Cristian from Cpnhgn and I will start the first Danish Association of Bee Guardians :) and we will be organising courses and workshops in Denmark :)

  3. Det lyder godt. Sign me up! ;-)